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We are passionate about telling your story beautifully! When we first began photographing families, it quickly became clear to us that this kind of photography should never be rushed. It's about more than just a smile and a click of the camera's shutter. It's about the heart of your home, your family, your life, at this special stage.

For these reasons, family story telling sessions begin with just that, getting to know you and helping you get to know us. After we receive your first email, we get to work right away, answering your questions and working with you to schedule a session date. We schedule a pre-session "meet up" date two weeks before your session, as well. This meet up date is designed to help us make the photographs that matter most to you. It's very friendly and informal. We visit, chat, and ask questions to learn a little about each member of your family and the relationships you share with one another. We also take the time to think through the rooms in your home with you and plan your session with you to help us tell your story well. We also guide you through the process of considering how you would like to share and display your photographs beforehand, so we can be sure to capture any specific moments that are especially important to you.

Family storytelling sessions take place in and around your home. That may sound unusual, but please don't be intimidated by the idea of your home being photographed. Believe us when we say we've had more than enough practice in avoiding piles, messes, and half-done home projects in our photos! We have five children, remember? We are confident we can tell your family's story in a way that will show you the beauty already present in your house and the moments that make it your home.

During your photo session, our goal is to encourage a relaxed, friendly environment where you can feel comfortable being you! Our photo sessions are a great time for you to focus on one another as a family, enjoying your time together and making memories. In our pre-session meeting, we will discuss more about how your photo session will progress. We love to tailor our photography to your personalities, home, and  wishes.

1-2 weeks after your photo session, we will meet with you, again, to view your proofs, share samples from our product line, and give any guidance you may need in making your product choices. You are not obligated to order any products at this time. We will keep your proofs available for six months. You may order any product at any time within that six month period. This helps spread out the cost and gives you extra time to add additional products on your own timetable. 

Family story telling sessions are available in 1 hour or 2 hour packages. In order to ensure that we're able to give you our best, we keep the number of our monthly sessions very low. We may be scheduled for several months in advance as a result. If you are interested in scheduling a family storytelling session with us or if you have any questions at all regarding our family storytelling sessions, please contact us soon for optimal availability.

Thanks so much! We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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